21 strokes

leap, dance, skip



Common words

  • 活躍かつやく
    activity (esp. energetic or successful), great efforts, active participation, walking about with great vigor
  • 飛躍ひやく
    leap, jump, stepping out into the wider world, becoming active on a wider stage, playing an active part (in), rapid progress, dramatic development, making great strides, making a leap forward, leap (of logic), jump, gap (in an argument)
  • 躍進やくしん
    making rapid progress, making great advances, rush, dash, onslaught
  • 躍動やくどう
    lively motion, throb
  • 跳躍ちょうやく
    jump, leap, skip, bound
  • 躍如やくじょ
    vivid, lifelike, graphic
  • 躍るおどる
    to jump up, to spring up, to leap, to move around, to bounce up and down, to pound (of one's heart, e.g. with excitement), to throb, to be messy (of handwriting), to be untidy
  • 暗躍あんやく
    secret manoeuvres (maneuvers), operating behind the scenes