12 strokes

lightly, trifling, unimportant



Common words

  • 軽傷けいしょう
    minor injury
  • 手軽てがる
    easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
  • 気軽きがる
    carefree, buoyant, lighthearted, sprightly, ease
  • 軽視けいし
    making light of, thinking little of, slighting, belittling, dismissing, contempt, disdain
  • 軽快けいかい
    light (of movements), nimble, sprightly, springy, light-hearted, cheerful, buoyant, jaunty, casual (e.g. clothing), rhythmical (e.g. melody), taking a turn for the better (of an illness), receding of symptoms, recovery, convalescence
  • 軽率けいそつ
    rash, thoughtless, careless, hasty, imprudent
  • 軽やかかろやか
    light, easy, non-serious, minor
  • 軽工業けいこうぎょう
    light industry
  • 身軽みがる
    agile, nimble, light (of foot), casual (clothing), light (e.g. luggage), carefree, with limited responsibility
  • 軽薄けいはく
    frivolous, flippant, superficial, shallow, trifling, insincere
  • 軽いかるい
    light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily), light (i.e. of foot), effortless, nimble, agile, non-serious, minor, unimportant, trivial, slight, small, gentle, soft, easy, lighthearted (e.g. joke), easy, simple, indiscriminate
  • 軽食けいしょく
    light meal, snack, refreshments
  • 軽蔑けいべつ
    contempt, scorn, disdain, despising, looking down on, slighting
  • 軽はずみかるはずみ
    thoughtless, rash, hasty, imprudent
  • 軽音楽けいおんがく
    light music, popular music