13 strokes

ride, board, get on, place, spread, 10**44, record, publish



Common words

  • 掲載けいさい
    publication (e.g. of an article in a newspaper), carrying (e.g. a story), running (e.g. a serial), insertion (e.g. of an advertisement), printing, posting (e.g. on the web)
  • 連載れんさい
    serialization, serialisation, serial story
  • 記載きさい
    mention (in a document), record, entry, statement, listing
  • 搭載とうさい
    loading (on a ship), equipping (an aircraft, car, etc.) with, being equipped with
  • 積載せきさい
    loading, carrying
  • 満載まんさい
    full load, being fully loaded (with), being loaded to capacity (with), carrying a full load (of), being full of (articles, photos, etc.; of a newspaper or magazine), being packed with (e.g. fun, excitement)