15 strokes

wheel, ring, circle, link, loop, counter for wheels and flowers



Common words

  • 五輪ごりん
    Olympic Games, Olympics, Olympic rings
  • ring, circle, loop, hoop, wheel, circle (e.g. of friends), planetary ring
  • 競輪けいりん
    keirin, cycle racing event, usu. 2 km with a paced start and sprint finish
  • 指輪ゆびわ
    (finger) ring
  • 車輪しゃりん
    (vehicle) wheel
  • 輪郭りんかく
    contour, outline, silhouette, summary, outline, sketch, looks, features
  • 年輪ねんりん
    annual tree ring, growth ring, experience in life
  • 輪番りんばん
    rotation (e.g. of a duty), taking turns
  • 輪ゴムわゴム
    rubber band, elastic band