13 strokes

agriculture, farmers



Common words

  • 農業のうぎょう
  • 農家のうか
    farmer, farming family, farmhouse, School of Agrarianism (China), School of Agronomists
  • 農協のうきょう
    agricultural cooperative
  • 農村のうそん
    agricultural community, farm village, rural
  • 農民のうみん
    farmer, peasant
  • 農薬のうやく
    agricultural chemical (i.e. pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, etc.), agrochemical, agrichemical
  • のう
    farming, agriculture
  • 農産物のうさんぶつ
    agricultural produce
  • 農地のうち
    agricultural land, farmland
  • 農林のうりん
    agriculture and forestry
  • 農場のうじょう
    farm (agriculture)
  • 酪農らくのう
    dairy farming
  • 農耕のうこう
    farming, agriculture, cultivation
  • 農閑期のうかんき
    slack season for farmers, leisure season for farmers