10 strokes

transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate



Common words

  • 不透明ふとうめい
    opaque, obscure, murky, turbid, opacity, obscurity, unclear, unpredictable, uncertain
  • 透明とうめい
    transparent, clear
  • 浸透しんとう
    permeation (of thought, ideology, culture, etc.), infiltration (e.g. of ideas), spread, penetration (e.g. into a market), pervasion, permeation (of a liquid, etc.), soaking, percolation, osmosis
  • 透き通るすきとおる
    to be transparent, to be see-through, to be clear, to be clear (voice, sound)
  • 透視とうし
    seeing through, fluoroscopy, roentgenoscopy, clairvoyance, seeing through (objects), second sight