10 strokes

take along, lead, join, connect, party, gang, clique



Common words

  • 連合れんごう
    union, combination, alliance, confederation, coalition, association, RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
  • 関連かんれん
    relation, connection, relevance
  • 国連こくれん
    United Nations, UN
  • 連続れんぞく
    continuation, succession, series
  • 連邦れんぽう
    commonwealth, federation of states, confederation, union
  • 連絡れんらく
    contacting, (making) contact, getting in touch, communication, correspondence, call, message, connection (with a train, bus, etc.), joining (a railway line, etc.), meeting, connection (between matters, incidents, etc.), relation, link
  • 連盟れんめい
    league, federation, union, alliance
  • 連覇れんぱ
    successive championships
  • 連勝れんしょう
    consecutive victories, series of victories, winning streak
  • 連日れんじつ
    day after day, every day
  • 連携れんけい
    cooperation, coordination, link
  • 連休れんきゅう
    consecutive holidays
  • 連帯れんたい
    solidarity, joint, collective
  • 連載れんさい
    serialization, serialisation, serial story
  • 連中れんちゅう
    company, lot, bunch, gang, pack, those guys, group, troupe, company (of musicians)
  • 連れるつれる
    to take (someone) with one, to bring along, to go with, to be accompanied by
  • 連れつれ
    companion, company, tritagonist, second supporting character
  • 連峰れんぽう
    mountain range
  • 連ねるつらねる
    to line up, to put in a row, to add (to a group), to accept (as a member of an organization, etc.), to join (e.g. a list), to link, to put together, to string together (e.g. compliments), to enumerate, to take along with, to bring with
  • 連想れんそう
    association (of ideas), being reminded (of something), suggestion