12 strokes




Common words

  • 遊びあそび
    play, playing, game, pleasure, amusement, pastime, recreation, diversion, play (in a mechanism, e.g. a steering wheel), flexibility (in a performance, art, etc.), freedom, flyleaf
  • 遊説ゆうぜい
    election tour, election campaign, stumping
  • 遊園地ゆうえんち
    amusement park
  • 遊休ゆうきゅう
    idle, unused, fallow
  • 遊ぶあそぶ
    to play (games, sports), to enjoy oneself, to have a good time, to mess about (with alcohol, gambling, philandery, etc.), to be idle, to do nothing, to be unused, to meet up (with friends), to hang out, to give oneself up (to gambling, drinking, etc.), to go to (for pleasure or for study), to tease (someone), to play (with), to intentionally throw a ball to lower the batter's concentration
  • 遊戯ゆうぎ
    play, playing, game, play and dance (at a kindergarten or elementary school)
  • 周遊しゅうゆう
    (circular) tour, round trip, excursion
  • 遊び相手あそびあいて
    playmate, playfellow