12 strokes

carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot, transport, progress, advance



Common words

  • 運動うんどう
    exercise, physical training, workout, sports, athletics, appeal, campaign, drive, crusade, movement, lobbying, motion, movement
  • 運転うんてん
    operation (of a machine), running, working, driving (a vehicle), use (of capital, funds, etc.), management, investment
  • 運営うんえい
    management, administration, operation
  • 運輸うんゆ
  • 運用うんよう
    making use of, application, practical use, effective management (e.g. of funds), operation (esp. of a boat), steering
  • 運転手うんてんしゅ
    driver, chauffeur
  • 運ぶはこぶ
    to carry, to transport, to move, to convey, to come, to go, to wield (a tool, etc.), to use, to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
  • 運賃うんちん
    (passenger) fare, freight rates, shipping expenses
  • 運命うんめい
    fate, destiny, lot
  • 運送うんそう
    transport, freight, shipping, moving (goods)
  • うん
    fortune, luck, chance
  • 運搬うんぱん
    transport, transportation, conveyance, carriage
  • 運行うんこう
    operation (of a bus or train service), service, running, movement (of a heavenly body), motion, revolution
  • 運動会うんどうかい
    athletic meet (esp. at a school), sports day, field day
  • 運河うんが
    (navigable) canal, waterway
  • 幸運こううん
    good luck, fortune
  • 労働運動ろうどううんどう
    labour movement, labor movement
  • 不運ふうん
    misfortune, bad luck, ill luck, ill fortune
  • 運動場うんどうじょう
    sports ground, playing field, playground
  • 試運転しうんてん
    trial run, test run