14 strokes

suitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable



Common words

  • 適用てきよう
    applying (e.g. a technology), adoption
  • 適切てきせつ
    appropriate, suitable, fitting, apt, proper, right, pertinent, relevant
  • 適当てきとう
    suitable, proper, appropriate, adequate, fit, fair, perfunctory, half-minded, sloppy, lazy, careless, noncommittal, unreliable, irresponsible, haphazard
  • 快適かいてき
    pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
  • 最適さいてき
    most suitable, optimum, optimal, best
  • 適応てきおう
    adaptation, accommodation, conformity
  • 適合てきごう
    conformity, compatibility, adaptability, congruity, congruence
  • 適度てきど
    moderate (degree), proper (amount), temperate, suitable
  • 適性てきせい
    aptitude, aptness, suitability
  • 適量てきりょう
    proper quantity, suitable amount, proper dose, optimal dose
  • 適宜てきぎ
    suitable, appropriate, fitting, proper, appropriately, accordingly, as required, at one's discretion
  • 適するてきする
    to fit, to suit