11 strokes

plains, field, rustic, civilian life



Common words

  • 野党やとう
    opposition party, the opposition
  • 野球やきゅう
  • 分野ぶんや
    field, sphere, realm, division, branch
  • 野菜やさい
  • plain, field, hidden (structural) member, wild, lacking a political post
  • 視野しや
    field of vision, view, one's outlook (e.g. on life), one's horizons
  • 野生やせい
    wild, growing wild, living in the wild, I
  • 平野へいや
    plain, open field
  • 野鳥やちょう
    wild bird
  • 野外やがい
    outdoors, outside, open air, fields, outskirts, suburbs
  • 野心やしん
    ambition, aspiration, sinister designs, treachery
  • 野原のはら
    field, plain, prairie, moor
  • 野郎やろう
    guy, fellow, chap, buddy, bastard, asshole, arsehole, son of a bitch
  • 荒野こうや
    wasteland, wilderness, deserted land, prairie, vast plain, wilds, desert, wild land
  • 野蛮やばん
    savage, barbarous, barbaric, uncivilized, uncivilised
  • 野性やせい
    wildness (plants, animals, etc.), uncouth, rough, unpolished
  • 野獣やじゅう
    wild beast, wild animal, brute
  • 野犬やけん
    stray dog, ownerless dog
  • 粗野そや
    rustic, rude, vulgar, rough