8 strokes

long, leader, superior, senior



Common words

  • 長男ちょうなん
    eldest son (may be the only son), first-born son
  • 社長しゃちょう
    company president, manager, director
  • 成長せいちょう
    growth, development, growing up, becoming an adult, growth (of a company, the economy, etc.)
  • 会長かいちょう
    president (of a society), chairman
  • 部長ぶちょう
    head (chief, director) of a section or department, head of a (school) club, head of a (school) team
  • 議長ぎちょう
    chair, chairman, chairperson, speaker (of an assembly), president (of a council, senate, etc.)
  • 課長かちょう
    section manager, section chief
  • 延長えんちょう
    extension, elongation, prolongation, lengthening, (total) length, extension (e.g. of one's work), continuation, extension (of a line segment), extension (property of occupying space), Enchō era (923.4.11-931.4.26)
  • 長期ちょうき
  • 市長しちょう
  • 副社長ふくしゃちょう
    executive vice-president
  • 官房長官かんぼうちょうかん
    Chief Cabinet Secretary (Japan), Chief of Staff (to the President, Prime Minister, etc.), Cabinet Secretary, Executive Secretary
  • 校長こうちょう
    principal, head teacher, headmaster, headmistress
  • 所長しょちょう
    head (of an office, laboratory, etc.), chief
  • 長女ちょうじょ
    eldest daughter, first-born daughter
  • 長年ながねん
    long time, many years
  • 国務長官こくむちょうかん
    Secretary of State
  • 室長しつちょう
    section chief, laboratory manager, office head, room monitor
  • 学長がくちょう
    (university) president, chancellor, principal, provost
  • 身長しんちょう
    height (of body), stature