8 strokes

gate, counter for cannons



Common words

  • 部門ぶもん
    division (of a larger group), branch, field, class (subclass), group, category, department
  • 専門家せんもんか
    specialist, expert, professional, authority, pundit
  • 専門せんもん
    speciality, specialty, subject of study, expert, area of expertise
  • もん
    gate, branch of learning based on the teachings of a single master, division, phylum, counter for cannons
  • 名門めいもん
    noted family, noble family, prestigious school, organization, business, etc.
  • 入門にゅうもん
    becoming a pupil (of), becoming a disciple, entering an institution, beginning training, introduction (to), primer, guide, entering through a gate
  • 宗門しゅうもん
    (religious) denomination, sect
  • 関門かんもん
    barrier, checkpoint, gateway, hurdle, obstacle, trial
  • 正門せいもん
    main gate, main entrance
  • 門扉もんぴ
    door(s) of a gate
  • 門下生もんかせい
    pupil, disciple, follower
  • 門松かどまつ
    New Year's pine decoration
  • 門外漢もんがいかん
    outsider, layman, amateur