12 strokes

open, unfold, unseal



Common words

  • 開発かいはつ
    development, exploitation (of resources)
  • 展開てんかい
    development, evolution, progression, unfolding, (plot) twist, expansion, spreading out, extending, deployment, building up, expansion (of an algebraic expression), development (of a three-dimensional shape), extraction (of compressed data), decompression, unpacking
  • 開催かいさい
    holding (a conference, exhibition, etc.), opening, hosting (e.g. the Olympics)
  • 開始かいし
    start, commencement, beginning, initiation
  • 公開こうかい
    opening to the public, making available to the public, exhibiting, unveiling, release (of a film, information, etc.), disclosure, publication
  • 開放かいほう
    opening (a door, window, etc.), leaving open, opening up (e.g. to the public), allowing (public) access
  • 開幕かいまく
    raising the curtain, opening (of an event), start, beginning
  • 再開さいかい
    reopening, resumption, restarting
  • 開会かいかい
    opening of a meeting
  • 開票かいひょう
    counting ballots, tally (of votes)
  • 開設かいせつ
    establishment, opening, setting up, inauguration
  • 打開だかい
    break in the deadlock
  • 非公開ひこうかい
    private, non-public, secret, closed-door, closed
  • 開拓かいたく
    reclamation (e.g. of wasteland), cultivation, development, pioneering, opening up (e.g. of a new market), breaking new ground, trailblazing
  • 開店かいてん
    opening a new shop, opening a shop (for the day)
  • 開通かいつう
    opening (of a new road, railway, etc.), going into operation (e.g. telephone communication), beginning services, reopening (e.g. of a road to traffic), resumption of services
  • 疎開そかい
    dispersal, evacuation, removal, spreading out (troops), deployment
  • 開閉かいへい
    opening and shutting, opening and closing
  • 開廷かいてい
    court session, trial
  • 開拓者かいたくしゃ
    pioneer, settler, colonist