7 strokes

ward off, defend, protect, resist



Common words

  • 防衛ぼうえい
    defense, defence, protection
  • 国防こくぼう
    national defence, national defense
  • 防止ぼうし
    prevention, check
  • 予防よぼう
    prevention, protection (against), precaution
  • 防災ぼうさい
    disaster preparedness, prevention of damage resulting from a natural disaster, protection against disaster
  • 消防しょうぼう
    fire fighting, fire department, fire brigade
  • 攻防こうぼう
    offense and defense, offence and defence
  • 防御ぼうぎょ
    defense, defence, safeguard, protection
  • 防犯ぼうはん
    prevention of crime, security (device, camera, etc.)
  • 堤防ていぼう
    bank, weir, embankment, levee
  • 防火ぼうか
    fire prevention, fire fighting, fire proof
  • 防音ぼうおん
  • 防水ぼうすい
    waterproofing, making watertight
  • 防戦ぼうせん
    defensive fight (battle)
  • 防波堤ぼうはてい
    breakwater, mole
  • 防疫ぼうえき
    communicable disease control (e.g. by quarantine, disinfection, etc.), prevention of epidemics
  • 防ぐふせぐ
    to defend against, to protect against, to prevent, to avert, to avoid