9 strokes

limit, restrict, to best of ability



Common words

  • 権限けんげん
    power, authority, jurisdiction
  • 期限きげん
    term, period, time frame, time limit, deadline, cutoff (date)
  • 制限せいげん
    restriction, restraint, limitation, limit
  • 限界げんかい
    limit, bound
  • 限るかぎる
    to restrict, to limit, to confine, to be restricted to, to be limited to, to be confined to, to be best (for), to be the best plan, to be the only way (to)
  • 最大限さいだいげん
    maximum, to the maximum degree, to the full
  • 限定げんてい
    limit, restriction
  • 限度げんど
    limit, bounds
  • 最小限さいしょうげん
    minimum, lowest, minimal, least
  • 限りかぎり
    limit, limits, bounds, degree, extent, scope, the end, the last, as long as ..., as far as ..., as much as ..., to the limits of ..., all of ..., unless ..., (not) included in ..., (not) part of ..., ... only (e.g. "one time only", "today only"), end of one's life, final moments, death, funeral, burial
  • 時限じげん
    (school) period, period or division of time, time limit
  • 無期限むきげん
  • 無限むげん
    infinity, infinitude, eternity, infinite, limitless
  • 無制限むせいげん
    unlimited, unrestricted, limitless
  • 有限ゆうげん
    finite, limited
  • 際限さいげん
    limits, end, bounds
  • 産児制限さんじせいげん
    birth control
  • 見限るみかぎる
    to give up on, to turn one's back (on), to abandon, to forsake, to dump (e.g. romantic partner)