10 strokes

Inst., institution, temple, mansion, school



Common words

  • 病院びょういん
    hospital, clinic, doctor's office, doctor's surgery, infirmary
  • 大学院だいがくいん
    graduate school
  • 入院にゅういん
    hospitalization, hospitalisation
  • 両院りょういん
    both houses of parliament, both upper and lower house
  • 参議院さんぎいん
    House of Councillors (upper house of the National Diet of Japan)
  • 寺院じいん
    Buddhist temple, religious building, church, cathedral, mosque
  • 衆議院しゅうぎいん
    House of Representatives (lower house of the National Diet of Japan)
  • 退院たいいん
    leaving hospital, discharge from hospital
  • 通院つういん
    going to the hospital for regular treatment, going to the hospital regularly
  • 孤児院こじいん
  • 美容院びよういん
    beauty parlour, beauty parlor, beauty salon, hairdressing salon
  • 僧院そういん
    monastery, temple