14 strokes

hinder, hurt, harm



Common words

  • 障害しょうがい
    obstacle, impediment, hindrance, barrier, difficulty, disorder, defect, disability, handicap, impairment, dysfunction, steeplechase, obstacle race, steeplechase (athletics)
  • 故障こしょう
    fault, trouble, breakdown, failure, being out of order, damage (to a part of the body), injury, hurt, problem, hitch, obstacle, hindrance, objection, protest
  • 支障ししょう
    obstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
  • 障壁しょうへき
    enclosing wall, boundary fence, obstacle, barrier
  • 障子しょうじ
    shoji (paper sliding door)
  • 耳障りみみざわり
    hard (on the ears), offensive (to the ear), rasping, rough, harsh, grating, jarring, cacophonous