12 strokes

gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock



Common words

  • 集団しゅうだん
    group, mass
  • 編集へんしゅう
    editing, compilation
  • 集会しゅうかい
    meeting, assembly, gathering, congregation, convention, rally
  • 集中しゅうちゅう
    concentration (on a task), focusing one's attention, concentration (of population, buildings, power, etc.), centralization, convergence, focus (of a debate, questions, etc.), within a collection of works
  • 募集ぼしゅう
    recruitment, invitation, selection, advertisement, taking applications, raising (funds, donations, etc.), collection, subscription, solicitation, flotation (of shares, loans, etc.)
  • 収集しゅうしゅう
    collecting, accumulating, gathering, collection (of art, stamps, insects, etc.), garbage collection, waste collection
  • 特集とくしゅう
    feature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
  • 集めるあつめる
    to collect, to assemble, to gather
  • 召集しょうしゅう
    convening, calling together (e.g. parliament), call-up (for military service)
  • 集合しゅうごう
    meeting up, gathering, assembly, set
  • 集まりあつまり
    gathering, meeting, assembly, collection, attendance
  • 全集ぜんしゅう
    complete works, complete collection, complete series
  • 集落しゅうらく
    settlement, village, community, town, (bacterial) colony
  • 詩集ししゅう
    poetry anthology, collection of poems, collected poems
  • しゅう
    collection, compilation
  • 密集みっしゅう
    crowding together, clustering together, close formation, swarm
  • 集金しゅうきん
    money collection
  • 集まるあつまる
    to gather, to collect, to assemble
  • 採集さいしゅう
    collecting, gathering
  • 集うつどう
    to meet, to assemble, to congregate