14 strokes




Common words

  • 雑誌ざっし
    journal, magazine, periodical
  • 複雑ふくざつ
    complex, complicated, intricate, mixed (feelings)
  • 混雑こんざつ
    congestion, crush, crowding, jam, confusion, disorder
  • 雑木林ぞうきばやし
    grove of miscellaneous trees, copse, coppice, thicket
  • 雑草ざっそう
  • 雑音ざつおん
    noise (usu. unpleasant), interference (e.g. radio), static, noise, gossip, irresponsible criticism
  • 雑談ざつだん
    chatting, idle talk
  • 煩雑はんざつ
    complex, intricate, complicated, confused, troublesome, vexatious, cumbersome
  • 雑踏ざっとう
    hustle and bustle, throng, crowd, congestion, traffic jam
  • ざつ
    rough, crude, sloppy, messy, miscellaneous
  • 雑炊ぞうすい
    rice gruel containing vegetables, fish, etc., and seasoned with miso or soy sauce
  • 雑煮ぞうに
    soup containing rice cakes and vegetables (New Year's dish)
  • 乱雑らんざつ
    disorder, confusion, clutter, mess, muddle, disarray