18 strokes

difficult, impossible, trouble, accident, defect



Common words

  • 難民なんみん
    refugee, displaced person, person inconvenienced by (lack of something, etc.), person unable to satisfactorily (marry, shop, etc.), person who is stuck (in a place or situation)
  • 困難こんなん
    difficulty, hardship, trouble, distress, infeasibility, inability (to carry out)
  • 避難ひなん
    taking refuge, finding shelter, evacuation, escape, seeking safe haven
  • 非難ひなん
    criticism, blame, censure, attack, reproach
  • 難しいむずかしい
    difficult, hard, troublesome, complicated, serious (disease, problem, etc.), impossible, unfeasible, fussy, particular, fastidious, hard to please, displeased, gloomy, glum, sullen, serious (look), dirty, unclean, filthy, detestable, unpleasant, uncomfortable, creepy, spooky
  • 難問なんもん
    perplexity, difficult question, difficult problem
  • 難航なんこう
    difficult voyage, stormy passage, hard flight, rough going, running into trouble, proceeding with difficulty, rough passage
  • 難病なんびょう
    incurable disease
  • 盗難とうなん
    theft, robbery
  • 難題なんだい
    difficult problem, challenge
  • 難関なんかん
    barrier, obstacle, difficulty, hurdle, deadlock
  • 遭難そうなん
    disaster, accident, shipwreck, distress
  • 無難ぶなん
    safe (e.g. choice), secure, innocuous, inoffensive, acceptable, passable, satisfactory, adequate, faultless, without flaw
  • 難解なんかい
    difficult to understand, unintelligible, abstruse
  • 難点なんてん
    fault, weakness, flaw, defect, drawback, disadvantage, crux (of a matter), difficult point, point of contention
  • 海難かいなん
    accident at sea, sea disaster, shipwreck
  • 災難さいなん
    calamity, misfortune, disaster
  • 難易なんい
    (relative) difficulty
  • 殉難じゅんなん
  • 気難しいきむずかしい
    hard to please, difficult, particular, fussy, choosy, picky, fastidious, bad-tempered, in a bad mood, displeased, sullen, crabby, cranky, grumpy