14 strokes

jurisdiction, dominion, territory, fief, reign



Common words

  • 領土りょうど
    dominion, territory, possession
  • 大統領だいとうりょう
    president (of a nation), big man, boss, buddy, mate
  • 占領せんりょう
    occupying, having (an area) all to oneself, military occupation, possession, capture, seizure
  • 領域りょういき
    area, domain, territory, field, range, region, regime
  • 綱領こうりょう
    general plan, main points, summary, platform (e.g. for a campaign), mission statement
  • 要領ようりょう
    point, gist, essentials, tenets, outline, knack, trick, the ropes
  • 横領おうりょう
    embezzlement, misappropriation, usurpation
  • 領海りょうかい
    territorial waters
  • 領収書りょうしゅうしょ
    simplified receipt with a blank line to be filled out with the customer's name (used specifically for claiming expenses), hand-written receipt
  • 領空りょうくう
    territorial airspace
  • 領事館りょうじかん
  • 領事りょうじ
  • 領収りょうしゅう
    receipt (of money), receiving
  • 領地りょうち
    territory, dominion, grounds (e.g. school)