18 strokes

topic, subject



Common words

  • 課題かだい
    subject, theme, issue, matter, homework, assignment, task, challenge, problem, question
  • 問題もんだい
    question (e.g. on a test), problem, problem (e.g. societal, political), question, issue, subject (e.g. of research), case, matter, question (i.e. doubt), public discussion, controversy, trouble, problem, inconvenience, difficulty
  • 話題わだい
    topic, subject, much talked about, topical, in the news, hot
  • 議題ぎだい
    topic of discussion, agenda
  • 題材だいざい
    subject, theme
  • 主題しゅだい
    subject, theme, motif
  • 宿題しゅくだい
    homework, assignment, pending issue, unresolved problem, open question
  • 題名だいめい
    title, caption, heading
  • 難題なんだい
    difficult problem, challenge
  • だい
    title, subject, theme, topic, problem (on a test), question, counter for questions (on a test)
  • 放題ほうだい
    (doing) as one pleases, to one's heart's content, letting (something) go unchecked, leaving uncontrolled, leaving (something) to take its own course
  • 表題ひょうだい
    title, index, heading, headline, caption
  • 副題ふくだい
    subtitle, subheading
  • 出題しゅつだい
    setting a question (for an exam, quiz, etc.), setting a theme (for composition of poetry)
  • 別問題べつもんだい
    different thing, another question, different case