18 strokes

face, expression



Common words

  • かお
    face, visage, look, expression, countenance, honor, honour, face, influence, notoriety
  • 知らん顔しらんかお
    feigned ignorance, pretending not to know, pretending not to recognize (someone), ignoring, unconcerned air, indifference, nonchalance
  • 笑顔えがお
    smiling face, smile
  • 似顔にがお
    portrait, likeness
  • 顔ぶれかおぶれ
    personnel, members, lineup (of a team), roster, cast (of a play), announcement of next day's match-ups
  • 素顔すがお
    face with no make-up, unpainted face, true face (of a country, celebrity, etc.), real face, true picture, real nature, sober face, sobriety
  • 顔色かおいろ
    complexion, one's colour, one's color, countenance, expression, one's face
  • 顔面がんめん
    face (of person)
  • 横顔よこがお
    profile, face in profile, face seen from the side, (personal) profile, (biographical) sketch, outline (of someone's life)
  • 新顔しんがお
    newcomer, new face
  • 朝顔あさがお
    Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil), picotee morning glory, ivy morning glory, funnel-shaped object, bell (e.g. of a trumpet), funnel-shaped urinal, rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)
  • 顔立ちかおだち
    looks, features
  • 童顔どうがん
    child's face, childlike face, boyish face, baby face
  • 澄まし顔すましがお
    composed expression, clear face
  • 寝顔ねがお
    sleeping face