9 strokes

wind, air, style, manner



Common words

  • 台風たいふう
    typhoon, hurricane
  • 風景ふうけい
    scenery, scene, landscape, view, sight, scene (e.g. of a crime)
  • 風土ふうど
    natural features, topography, climate, spiritual features
  • 風速ふうそく
    wind speed
  • 風邪かぜ
    (common) cold, influenza, flu, ague, inflammatory respiratory system illness (in general)
  • 追い風おいかぜ
    tailwind, fair wind, favorable wind (favourable), favorable condition (favourable), advantageous situation
  • 風潮ふうちょう
    tide, current, tendency, trend
  • 風俗ふうぞく
    manners, customs, public morals, sex service, sex industry, sex-oriented entertainment
  • 強風きょうふう
    strong wind, high wind, moderate gale
  • 和風わふう
    Japanese style, light wind, moderate breeze
  • 風船ふうせん
    balloon (toy or decoration), balloon (hot-air or gas)
  • 旋風せんぷう
    whirlwind, sensation, commotion, hullabaloo
  • 風刺ふうし
    satire, irony, sarcasm
  • 暴風ぼうふう
    storm, windstorm, gale
  • 風向きかざむき
    wind direction, situation, way things are going, mood, temper
  • 風力ふうりょく
    wind power, force (level on the Beaufort wind speed scale)
  • 無風むふう
    windless, calm, no-wind, quiet (state of affairs), peaceful, stable, safe (electoral seat)
  • 風呂ふろ
    bath, bathing, bathtub, bathroom, bathhouse, public bath, room for drying lacquerware, base (wooden joint connecting the blade of a hoe, spade, etc., to the handle)
  • 扇風機せんぷうき
    electric fan
  • 洋風ようふう
    Western style