13 strokes

decorate, ornament, adorn, embellish



Common words

  • 飾りかざり
    decoration, ornament, trimmings
  • 装飾そうしょく
    ornament, decoration
  • 飾るかざる
    to decorate, to ornament, to adorn, to display, to exhibit, to put on show, to arrange, to mark (e.g. the day with a victory), to adorn (e.g. the front page), to grace (e.g. the cover), to affect (a manner), to keep up (appearances), to embellish, to dress up, to be showy, to be pretentious
  • 服飾ふくしょく
    clothing and accessories, attire
  • 粉飾ふんしょく
    embellishment (e.g. of a story), ornamentation, decoration, putting on makeup
  • 着飾るきかざる
    to dress up
  • 飾り付けかざりつけ
    decoration, arrangement
  • 首飾りくびかざり
    necklace, choker
  • 飾り気かざりけ
    affectation, showiness, pretence