15 strokes

foster, bring up, rear, develop, nurture



Common words

  • 栄養えいよう
    nutrition, nourishment
  • 養成ようせい
    training, education, development, cultivation
  • 教養きょうよう
    (understanding or appreciation of) culture, (one's) education, cultivation, sophistication, refinement
  • 療養りょうよう
    recuperation, medical treatment
  • 養殖ようしょく
    aquaculture, culture, cultivation, raising
  • 休養きゅうよう
    rest, relaxation, recreation, recuperation, convalescence
  • 養子ようし
    adopted child (usu. male), son-in-law
  • 扶養ふよう
    support (e.g. of one's dependents), maintenance
  • 養育よういく
    bringing up, rearing, upbringing
  • 培養ばいよう
    culture, cultivation, cultivation (of plants), growing, raising, cultivation (e.g. of a skill), nurture (of democracy, national power, etc.), growth
  • 養鶏ようけい
    poultry raising, poultry farming, chicken farming
  • 養蚕ようさん
    sericulture, silkworm culture, silkworm raising
  • 養豚ようとん
    pig-keeping, pig farming
  • 養分ようぶん
    nourishment, nutrient
  • 養うやしなう
    to support, to maintain, to provide for, to bring up, to raise, to rear, to feed, to adopt (a child), to cultivate (a habit, a quality, etc.), to develop, to build up, to foster, to recuperate (from injury, illness, etc.)
  • 滋養じよう