14 strokes

burdensome, pack horse, horse load, send by horse, trivial, worthless



Common words

  • 無駄むだ
    futility, waste, uselessness, pointlessness, idleness
  • 無駄遣いむだづかい
    waste (of money, time, etc.), squandering, frittering away
  • 駄目だめ
    no good, not serving its purpose, useless, broken, hopeless, wasted, in vain, purposeless, cannot, must not, not allowed, neutral point, intersection owned by neither player at the end of a game, no!, stop!
  • 駄菓子だがし
    penny candy, cheap individually wrapped sweets
  • 下駄げた
    geta, traditional Japanese wooden sandal, turn (in set-type proofing), upside-down character, net, geta