11 strokes

bird, chicken



Common words

  • とり
    bird, bird meat (esp. chicken meat), fowl, poultry
  • 野鳥やちょう
    wild bird
  • 白鳥はくちょう
    swan (Cygnus spp.), cygnet, white-feathered bird
  • 渡り鳥わたりどり
    migratory bird, bird of passage
  • 小鳥ことり
    small bird, little bird
  • 鳥居とりい
    torii, Shinto shrine archway
  • 一石二鳥いっせきにちょう
    killing two birds with one stone
  • 焼き鳥やきとり
    yakitori, chicken pieces (or sometimes beef or pork offal) grilled on a skewer, grilled and skewered bird (esp. sparrow), failing to win a single hand during a half-game
  • 花鳥かちょう
    flowers and birds