15 strokes

silence, become silent, stop speaking, leave as is



Common words

  • 沈黙ちんもく
    silence, being silent, quiet, hush, reticence, inaction
  • 黙るだまる
    to be silent, to say nothing
  • 暗黙あんもく
    tacit, unspoken, implicit
  • 寡黙かもく
    untalkative, quiet, taciturn, reticent, uncommunicative
  • 黙認もくにん
    connivance, tacit consent, toleration, acquiescence
  • 黙殺もくさつ
    ignoring, disregarding, taking no notice of, refusing to comment on, turning a deaf ear to
  • 黙秘権もくひけん
    right to keep silent, right to silence, right to remain silent