2 strokes

street, ward, town, counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something, even number, 4th calendar sign



Common words

  • 丁寧ていねい
    polite, courteous, civil, careful, close, thorough, conscientious
  • 包丁ほうちょう
    kitchen knife, carving knife, cooking, food
  • 一丁いっちょう
    one leaf (of a book bound in Japanese style), one block of tofu, one serving (in a restaurant), one long and narrow thing (e.g. a gun, scissors, spade, hoe, inkstick, palanquin, candle, jinrikisha, shamisen, oar), one chō (unit of distance, approx. 109.09 m), one game, one task, well then, right
  • 丁目ちょうめ
    district of a town, city block (of irregular size)