2 strokes




Common words

  • 人気にんき
    popularity, public favor, condition (e.g. market), tone, character, nature
  • 二人ふたり
    two persons, two people, pair, couple
  • 人々ひとびと
    people, men and women, each person, everybody
  • 外国人がいこくじん
    foreigner, foreign citizen, foreign national, alien, non-Japanese
  • 人口じんこう
    population, common talk
  • 個人こじん
    individual, private person, personal, private, natural person
  • 人間にんげん
    human being, human, person, man, mankind, humankind, character (of a person)
  • 日本人にほんじん
    Japanese person
  • 人民じんみん
    the people, citizens, the populace
  • 人生じんせい
    (one's) life
  • 老人ろうじん
    old person, senior citizen, the aged, the elderly
  • 一人ひとり
    one person, being alone, being by oneself, being single, being unmarried, by oneself, alone, just, only, simply
  • 人権じんけん
    human rights, civil liberties
  • 本人ほんにん
    the person in question, the person themselves, said person
  • 新人しんじん
    new face, newcomer, rookie, fresh recruit, modern humans (from Cro-Magnon man onwards)
  • 人物じんぶつ
    person, character, figure, personage, man, woman, one's character, one's personality, able person, talented person
  • 人事じんじ
    personnel affairs, human affairs, human resources, HR
  • 夫人ふじん
    wife, Mrs, madam, wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.), consort of the emperor
  • 友人ゆうじん
  • 法人ほうじん
    corporation, corporate body, company, legal entity, legal person, juridical person