5 strokes

orders, laws, command, decree, good



Common words

  • 命令めいれい
    order, command, decree, directive, (software) instruction, statement
  • 政令せいれい
    government ordinance, cabinet order
  • 指令しれい
    orders, instructions, directive, command
  • 法令ほうれい
    laws and ordinances, acts (of parliament, congress, etc.)
  • 発令はつれい
    official announcement, proclamation
  • 司令しれい
    command, control, commander
  • 号令ごうれい
    order (esp. to a number of people), command, ritual of bowing at start and end of school class
  • 令嬢れいじょう
    (your) daughter, young woman, daughter of a good family
  • 訓令くんれい
    directive, instructions