7 strokes

expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase



Common words

  • 伸びのび
    growth, development, stretching (one's body, e.g. when waking up), (ability to) spread (of paint, cream, etc.), elongation, extension, carry (e.g. of sound), sustain
  • 伸び悩むのびなやむ
    to be sluggish, to make little progress, to show little growth, to fail to improve, to level off, to not grow as much as expected
  • 伸び伸びのびのび
    comfortably, peacefully, freely, with one's mind at ease, unrestrained, calmly, without worries, relaxed, carefree, (growing) quickly
  • 伸長しんちょう
    expansion, extension, elongation, stretching
  • 伸びやかのびやか
    comfortable, carefree
  • 伸縮しんしゅく
    expansion and contraction, elasticity, flexibility
  • 伸ばすのばす
    to grow long (e.g. hair, nails), to lengthen, to extend, to stretch, to reach out, to hold out, to straighten, to smooth out, to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.), to dilute, to thin out, to postpone, to prolong, to strengthen, to develop, to expand
  • 差し伸べるさしのべる
    to hold out, to extend (e.g. one's hands), to stretch, to reach out for, to thrust (javelin), to offer (e.g. aid, help, etc.)