7 strokes

too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder



Common words

  • 余裕よゆう
    surplus, margin, leeway, room, space, time, allowance, flexibility, scope, composure, placidity, complacency, calm
  • 余地よち
    place, room, margin, scope
  • 余暇よか
    leisure, leisure time, spare time
  • 余計よけい
    extra, more, too much, too many, excessive, superfluous, spare, surplus, unnecessary, needless, uncalled-for, unwanted, uninvited, all the more, even more
  • 余りあまり
    remainder, remnant, rest, balance, surplus, remains (of a meal), leftovers, (not) very, (not) much, too much, excessively, overly, extreme, great, severe, tremendous, terrible, more than, over
  • 余波よは
    waves that remain after the wind has subsided, after-effect, aftermath
  • 余るあまる
    to remain, to be left over, to be in excess, to be too many
  • 余剰よじょう
    surplus, remainder, residue, margin, balance
  • 余命よめい
    remainder of one's life, one's remaining days, time left (to live)
  • 剰余金じょうよきん
    surplus, balance
  • 余すあます
    to save, to leave over, to spare
  • 余分よぶん
    extra, excess, surplus
  • 余談よだん