9 strokes

faith, truth, fidelity, trust



Common words

  • 通信つうしん
    correspondence, communication, transmission, news, signal, telecommunications
  • しん
    honesty, sincerity, fidelity, trust, reliance, confidence, (religious) faith, devotion, counter for received messages
  • 自信じしん
    self-confidence, confidence (in oneself)
  • 信頼しんらい
    reliance, trust, faith, confidence
  • 不信ふしん
    distrust, mistrust, disbelief, discredit, insincerity, impiety, faithlessness
  • 信用しんよう
    confidence, trust, faith, reputation, credit (finance)
  • 信託しんたく
    trust, entrusting, leaving in someone's trust
  • 信号しんごう
    signal, signalling, signaling, traffic light, traffic signal
  • 受信じゅしん
    receiving (a message, letter, email, etc.), reception (radio, TV, etc.)
  • 信念しんねん
    belief, faith, conviction
  • 信仰しんこう
    (religious) faith, belief, creed
  • 所信しょしん
    belief, conviction, opinion
  • 信任しんにん
    trust, confidence, credence
  • 発信はっしん
    dispatch, despatch, transmission, submission, informing (e.g. of opinion), sharing (thoughts, etc.), telling
  • 信者しんじゃ
    believer, adherent, devotee, follower, fanboy, fanatic, superfan
  • 確信かくしん
    conviction, belief, confidence
  • 威信いしん
    prestige, dignity
  • 信条しんじょう
    creed, belief, conviction, article of faith
  • 返信へんしん
    reply (e.g. email, fax, letter), answer
  • 送信そうしん
    transmission, sending