4 strokes

beginning, former time, origin



Common words

  • 地元じもと
    home area, home town, local
  • 元首げんしゅ
    sovereign, ruler, head of state
  • もと
    origin, source, base, basis, foundation, root, cause, ingredient, material, base, mix, stock, (someone's) side, (someone's) location, original cost (or capital, principal, etc.), (plant) root, (tree) trunk, first section of a waka, counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry), handle (chopsticks, brush, etc.), grip
  • 元気げんき
    lively, full of spirit, energetic, vigorous, vital, spirited, healthy, well, fit, in good health
  • 元日がんじつ
    New Year's Day
  • 身元みもと
    (one's) identity, background, upbringing, birth (and parentage), (one's) character
  • 足元あしもと
    at one's feet, underfoot, one's step (as in "watch your step"), gait, pace, step, most recent, current
  • 還元かんげん
    restoration, return, reduction, resolution, deoxidization, deoxidation
  • 元年がんねん
    first year (of an imperial era), year something (important) first happened or began
  • 次元じげん
    dimension, perspective, point of reference, level (of something)
  • 手元てもと
    at hand, on hand, nearby, close at hand, way of moving one's arms, skill, money at hand, pocket money, grip, handle
  • 元祖がんそ
    originator, pioneer, inventor, founder, progenitor, primogenitor, founder of a family line
  • 元来がんらい
    originally, essentially, naturally, by nature, really, actually, in the first place, to begin with
  • 元帥げんすい
    (field) marshal, (fleet) admiral, general of the army
  • 紀元前きげんぜん
    pre-era, BC, BCE
  • 元素げんそ
    element, chemical element, (classical) element (e.g. earth, water, air, fire), origin, source
  • 元金がんきん
    capital, principal
  • 紀元きげん
    era, CE (Common Era), AD (Anno Domini)
  • 元々もともと
    originally, from the start, from the beginning, from the outset, by nature, none the worse (for), (coming out) even, in the same position (as before)
  • 耳元みみもと
    close to the ear