4 strokes

inside, within, between, among, house, home



Common words

  • 都内とない
    within the (Tokyo) metropolitan area
  • 内閣ないかく
    cabinet (of a government), ministry
  • 市内しない
    in the city, within the city
  • 国内こくない
    internal, domestic
  • 内容ないよう
    contents, content, substance, matter, detail, import
  • 内部ないぶ
    interior, inside, internal
  • 以内いない
    within, inside of, less than
  • 内外ないがい
    inside and outside, interior and exterior, inside and outside the country, home and abroad, domestic and foreign, around, about, approximately
  • 内戦ないせん
    civil war
  • 室内しつない
    indoor, inside the room
  • 内政ないせい
    domestic affairs, internal administration
  • 案内あんない
    guidance, leading (the way), showing around, information, notice, notification, announcement (of one's arrival), invitation, acquaintance, knowledge
  • うち
    inside, within, while (e.g. one is young), during, within (e.g. a day), in the course of, among, amongst, (out) of, between, in (secret, chaos, poverty, etc.), amidst, with (e.g. success), within oneself, one's feelings, inner thoughts, we, our company, our organization, one's home, one's family, my spouse, my husband, my wife, signed on behalf of (husband's name) by his wife, I, me, imperial palace grounds, emperor
  • 車内しゃない
    inside a car (train, bus, etc.)
  • 管内かんない
    within the jurisdiction (of), one's jurisdiction, in a pipe
  • 体内たいない
    interior of the body
  • 内側うちがわ
    inside, interior, inner part
  • 枠内わくない
    within the limits (framework, boundaries, price, etc.)
  • 町内ちょうない
    neighborhood, neighbourhood, street, block, town
  • 内線ないせん
    phone extension, indoor wiring, inner line