5 strokes

wrap, pack up, cover, conceal



Common words

  • 包むつつむ
    to wrap up, to pack, to bundle, to do up, to cover, to envelop, to shroud, to engulf, to conceal (a feeling), to hide, to give (money in an envelope; as a wedding gift, funeral offering, etc.)
  • 包丁ほうちょう
    kitchen knife, carving knife, cooking, food
  • 包装ほうそう
    packing, wrapping
  • 包囲ほうい
    siege, encirclement, envelopment, surrounding, besiegement
  • 小包こづつみ
    parcel, package
  • 包帯ほうたい
    bandage, dressing
  • 包みつつみ
    bundle, package, parcel, counter for wrapped objects
  • 包含ほうがん
    inclusion, comprehension, implication, containing, covering
  • 包容力ほうようりょく
    tolerance, broad-mindedness