6 strokes

same, agree, equal



Common words

  • 共同きょうどう
    cooperation, collaboration, association, partnership, (acting in) unison, community, communal use, common possession, sharing
  • 同時どうじ
    simultaneous, concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
  • 同盟どうめい
    alliance, union, league
  • 同様どうよう
    same, similar, (just) like, equal
  • 合同ごうどう
    combination, union, incorporation, amalgamation, fusion, congruence
  • 同士どうし
    fellow, mutual, companion, comrade
  • 同氏どうし
    the said person, he, she, same surname
  • 同期どうき
    same period, corresponding period, same year (of graduation, entering a company, etc.), contemporary, classmate, synchronization, synchronism
  • 同一どういつ
    identical, same, one and the same, equal, fair, equal treatment, without discrimination
  • 同僚どうりょう
    coworker, co-worker, colleague, associate
  • 同意どうい
    agreement, consent, approval, assent, same opinion, same view, same meaning
  • 同志どうし
    like-mindedness, (being of the) same mind, shared sentiment, comrade, fellow, kindred soul
  • 同級生どうきゅうせい
  • 同情どうじょう
    sympathy, compassion, pity
  • 同居どうきょ
    living together, coexistence
  • 同胞どうほう
    brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
  • 同窓会どうそうかい
    alumni association, graduates' association, alumni meeting, class reunion
  • 同等どうとう
    equality, equal, same rights, same rank, equivalence
  • 同感どうかん
    same feeling, same sentiment, same opinion, sympathy, agreement, concurrence
  • 同姓どうせい
    same surname