6 strokes

name, noted, distinguished, reputation



Common words

  • name, given name, title, fame, renown, reputation, pretext, pretense, justification, appearance
  • 名前なまえ
    name, given name, first name
  • 名誉めいよ
    honor, honour, credit, glory, fame, distinction, prestige, dignity, reputation, honor, good name, honorary (e.g. president, doctorate)
  • 氏名しめい
    (full) name, identity
  • 有名ゆうめい
    famous, fame
  • 指名しめい
    naming, nominating, designating, calling on, asking for, requesting
  • 署名しょめい
  • 名人めいじん
    master, expert
  • 本名ほんみょう
    real name
  • 名簿めいぼ
    register of names, list of names, roll, register, roster
  • 名目めいもく
    name, title, appellation, (something) nominal, (under the) pretext (of), pretense
  • 名義めいぎ
    name (esp. on a deed, contract, etc.), moral duty, justification, pretext
  • 名称めいしょう
    name, title
  • 名門めいもん
    noted family, noble family, prestigious school, organization, business, etc.
  • 著名ちょめい
    well-known, noted, celebrated
  • 名刺めいし
    business card
  • 名作めいさく
  • 名所めいしょ
    famous place, name of a part (of an instrument, etc.), name and address
  • 国名こくめい
    country name
  • 名物めいぶつ
    famous product, special product, speciality, specialty