11 strokes

question, ask, problem



Common words

  • 訪問ほうもん
    call, visit
  • 問題もんだい
    question (e.g. on a test), problem, problem (e.g. societal, political), question, issue, subject (e.g. of research), case, matter, question (i.e. doubt), public discussion, controversy, trouble, problem, inconvenience, difficulty
  • 質問しつもん
    question, inquiry, enquiry
  • 問い合わせといあわせ
    enquiry, inquiry, query
  • 問うとう
    to ask, to inquire, to blame (someone) for, to accuse of, to pursue (question of responsibility), to charge with, to care about, to regard as important, to call into question, to doubt, to question
  • 疑問ぎもん
    doubt, question, suspicion, dubiousness
  • 喚問かんもん
  • 顧問こもん
    adviser, advisor, consultant
  • 諮問しもん
    consultation, question, enquiry, inquiry
  • 問いとい
    question, query
  • 尋問じんもん
    questioning, interrogation, examination (of a witness)
  • 難問なんもん
    perplexity, difficult question, difficult problem
  • もん
    counter for questions
  • 学問がくもん
    study, scholarship, learning, education, knowledge, discipline, branch of learning, (a) science
  • 問屋とんや
    wholesale store, wholesale dealer, wholesaler
  • 問い合わせるといあわせる
    to enquire, to inquire, to seek information
  • 弔問ちょうもん
    condolence call, visiting a bereaved family to offer condolences
  • 拷問ごうもん
  • 別問題べつもんだい
    different thing, another question, different case
  • 問答もんどう
    questions and answers, dialogue