6 strokes

-times, round, game, revolve, counter for occurrences



Common words

  • 今回こんかい
    this time, now
  • 回復かいふく
    restoration, rehabilitation, recovery, return, replevin, improvement, recovery (from an illness), recuperation, convalescence
  • 回答かいとう
    reply, answer
  • 前回ぜんかい
    previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
  • 回収かいしゅう
    collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
  • 回数かいすう
    number of times, frequency, count
  • 次回じかい
    next time (occasion)
  • 回転かいてん
    rotation, revolution, turn, spin, working (e.g. of one's mind), function, turnover (of goods, funds, etc.), circulation, flow (of customers), rotation, curl, slalom
  • 撤回てっかい
    withdrawal, retraction, revocation, repeal
  • 回避かいひ
    evasion, avoidance
  • かい
    counter for occurrences, a time, an instance, inning (baseball), round, game, episode, chapter, instalment, Hui (people), Islam
  • 回路かいろ
    circuit (electric), cycle (e.g. Krebs cycle)
  • 根回しねまわし
    laying the groundwork, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, consensus-building process, digging around the roots of a tree (before transplanting)
  • 巡回じゅんかい
    going around, patrol, round, tour
  • 回帰かいき
    return (to), revolution, recurrence, regression
  • 身の回りみのまわり
    one's personal belongings, one's vicinity, one's daily life, everyday necessities
  • 回すまわす
    to turn, to rotate, to spin, to twist, to gyrate, to pass around, to send around, to hand around, to circulate, to move (someone or something to where its needed), to send, to bring, to transfer, to forward, to direct, to submit, to turn (to a new use), to use (for something else), to turn on (something that turns or has a rotating part, e.g. a washing machine), to start up (e.g. an engine), to give (something) a spin, to put (someone in a position), to make (e.g. an enemy of), to ... around (e.g. chase, fool, play), to do all over, to do everywhere, to do completely, to surround (something) with, to enclose with, to put (an arm) around (e.g. someone's waist), to reach around, to invest (money), to lend, to dial (a telephone number), to gang-rape, to operate (e.g. business, shop)
  • 奪回だっかい
    recovery, rescue, recapture
  • 言い回しいいまわし
    expression, phraseology
  • 回顧かいこ
    recollecting, reminiscing, looking back, retrospection, review