7 strokes




Common words

  • こえ
    voice, singing (of a bird), chirping (of an insect), hoot, voice, opinion (as expressed in words), view, wish, attitude, will, sound, sense (of something's arrival), feeling, voice, voiced sound
  • 声明せいめい
    declaration, statement, proclamation
  • 音声おんせい
    voice, speech, sound of a voice, sound (e.g. of a TV)
  • 歓声かんせい
    cheer, shout of joy
  • 声援せいえん
    (shout of) encouragement, cheering, rooting, support
  • 歌声うたごえ
    singing voice, (sound of) singing
  • 鳴き声なきごえ
    cry (esp. animal), roar, chirp, tweet, bark, whine, meow
  • 名声めいせい
    fame, reputation, renown
  • 発声はっせい
    utterance, speaking, vocalization, vocalisation, leading a group of people (in cheering, singing, etc.)
  • 笑い声わらいごえ
    (sound of) laughter, laughing voice
  • 叫び声さけびごえ
    shout, yell, scream, cry
  • 呼び声よびごえ
    call, hail, yell
  • 泣き声なきごえ
    cry, crying voice
  • 涙声なみだごえ
    tearful voice
  • 話し声はなしごえ
    speaking voice, talking voice
  • 声色こわいろ
    tone of voice, mimicry, imitative voice