9 strokes

unusual, change, strange



Common words

  • 変化へんか
    change, variation, alteration, mutation, transition, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis, variety, diversity, inflection, declension, conjugation, sidestepping
  • 大変たいへん
    very, greatly, terribly, awfully, immense, enormous, great, serious, grave, dreadful, terrible, difficult, hard, challenging, major incident, disaster
  • 変わるかわる
    to change, to be transformed, to be altered, to vary, to move to, to be different, to be uncommon, to be unusual
  • 変更へんこう
    change, modification, alteration, revision, amendment
  • 変動へんどう
    change, fluctuation
  • 変革へんかく
    change, transformation, reform, revolution, revolutionizing, innovation, upheaval
  • 相変わらずあいかわらず
    as usual, as always, as before, as ever, still
  • 変身へんしん
    metamorphosis, disguise, transformation, shapeshifting, morphing
  • 変形へんけい
    transformation, variation, metamorphosis, modification, deformation, variety, deformity, monster
  • へん
    strange, odd, peculiar, weird, curious, queer, eccentric, funny, suspicious, fishy, unexpected, change, incident, disturbance, disaster, accident, flat
  • 変遷へんせん
    change, transition, vicissitudes
  • 地殻変動ちかくへんどう
    diastrophism (movement and deformation of the earth's crust), upheaval (e.g. in politics), seismic shift, earthshaking changes
  • 肝硬変かんこうへん
    cirrhosis (of the liver)
  • 変容へんよう
    change in appearance, transformation
  • 不変ふへん
    eternal, everlasting, unchangeable, immutable, immovable, constant, permanent, indestructible, invariant
  • 変換へんかん
    change, conversion, transformation, transformation
  • 変則へんそく
    irregularity, anomaly
  • 急変きゅうへん
    sudden turn, sudden change, (suddenly occurring) accident, emergency
  • 変貌へんぼう
    transfiguration, transformation, change of appearance
  • 変えるかえる
    to change, to alter, to transform, to convert, to turn, to vary, to reform, to revise, to amend