4 strokes

husband, man



Common words

  • おっと
  • 夫婦ふうふ
    married couple, husband and wife, man and wife
  • 夫人ふじん
    wife, Mrs, madam, wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.), consort of the emperor
  • 夫妻ふさい
    husband and wife, married couple
  • 工夫くふう
    devising (a way), contriving, inventing, thinking up, figuring out, coming up with, working out, device, design, idea, plan, invention, dedication to spiritual improvement (esp. through Zen meditation)
  • 大丈夫だいじょうぶ
    safe, secure, sound, problem-free, without fear, all right, alright, OK, okay, certainly, surely, undoubtedly, no thanks, I'm good, that's alright, great man, fine figure of a man
  • 丈夫じょうぶ
    healthy, robust, strong, solid, durable
  • 老夫婦ろうふうふ
    old couple, elderly couple
  • 亡夫ぼうふ
    deceased husband, late husband