12 strokes

heart, interior



Common words

  • おく
    inner part, interior, back (of a drawer, one's throat, etc.), depths (e.g. of a forest), recesses (e.g. of a cave), heart, end (of a road, garden, etc.), living quarters (at the back of a house), inner room, recesses (of one's mind), bottom (of one's heart), behind (someone's words), mysteries (of an art)
  • 奥行きおくゆき
    depth, length
  • 奥様おくさま
    wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, madam
  • 山奥やまおく
    deep in the mountains, mountain recesses
  • 奥義おうぎ
    secret techniques (of an art or skill), inner mysteries, essence, quintessence, heart