3 strokes

woman, female



Common words

  • 女子じょし
    woman, girl
  • 女性じょせい
    woman, female, feminine gender
  • 彼女かのじょ
    she, her, girlfriend
  • 男女だんじょ
    men and women, man and woman, both sexes, both genders
  • おんな
    female, woman, female sex, female lover, girlfriend, mistress, (someone's) woman
  • 女優じょゆう
    actress, female actor
  • 長女ちょうじょ
    eldest daughter, first-born daughter
  • 少女しょうじょ
    girl (usu. between 7 and 17), young lady, female between 17 and 20 years old (ritsuryō period)
  • 女の子おんなのこ
    girl, daughter, baby girl, young woman
  • 女王じょおう
    queen, female champion
  • 女史じょし
    lady (of high social status; e.g. scholar, artist, critic, politician), Ms, Mrs, Miss
  • 女房にょうぼう
    wife (esp. one's own wife), court lady, female court attache, woman who served at the imperial palace, woman (esp. as a love interest)
  • 美女びじょ
    beautiful woman
  • 処女しょじょ
    virgin (usu. female), maiden, virgin (e.g. forest), unspoiled by human activity, debut, maiden (e.g. voyage)
  • 王女おうじょ
  • 女医じょい
    female doctor
  • 悪女あくじょ
    wicked woman, ugly woman
  • 淑女しゅくじょ
    lady, (female) pervert
  • 婦女ふじょ
    woman, womankind
  • 女らしいおんならしい
    womanly, ladylike, feminine