9 strokes

guest, visitor, customer, client



Common words

  • きゃく
    guest, visitor, customer, client, shopper, spectator, audience, tourist, sightseer, passenger, counter for containers used to entertain guests
  • 顧客こきゃく
    customer, client, patron
  • 観客かんきゃく
    spectator, audience
  • 乗客じょうきゃく
  • 旅客りょかく
    passenger, traveller, traveler, tourist
  • 客観的きゃっかんてき
  • 客席きゃくせき
    guest seating (e.g. theater, stadium), passenger seat (e.g. taxi), audience
  • 客観きゃっかん
    objectivity, objective, object (philosophical)
  • 旅客機りょかくき
    passenger plane
  • 客室きゃくしつ
    guest room (at a hotel), guest cabin (on a boat), passenger cabin (on a plane), drawing room
  • 客船きゃくせん
    passenger boat
  • 来客らいきゃく
    visitor, caller
  • 賓客ひんきゃく
    guest of honour, guest of honor, privileged guest, visitor
  • 客車きゃくしゃ
    passenger car