11 strokes

crumble, die, demolish, level



Common words

  • 崩壊ほうかい
    collapse, crumbling, breaking down, caving in, (radioactive) decay, disintegration
  • 崩れるくずれる
    to collapse, to crumble, to get out of shape, to lose one's shape, to become disorganized, to become untidy, to break down, to be thrown into disarray, to crash (stock market), to slump, to decline, to break money into small change, to turn bad (e.g. weather), to change for the worse, to deteriorate
  • 雪崩なだれ
    avalanche, snowslide
  • 切り崩すきりくずす
    to level (earth), to cut through (a mountain), to split (the opposition), to break (strike)
  • 崩すくずす
    to destroy, to demolish, to pull down, to tear down, to level, to disturb, to put into disorder, to throw off balance, to make shaky, to relax (one's pose), to make oneself at ease, to break (a bill), to change, to make change, to write in cursive style, to write in running style, to break into a smile, to let off a smile, to lower (a price)
  • 山崩れやまくずれ